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10 Billion Beats

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10 Billion Beats

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The Vantage Quest© System created by The Coyote Oak's author Carlisle Bergquist, is a series of audio CDs designed to help you stop the mindless brain chatter long enough to synchronize with Higher Mind and explore the deep reaches of our inner universe. Like Doorways in Consciousness, the 12 CD set precisely entrains both brain hemispheres using its Harmonic Matrices® to open different areas of brain wave activity and perception. Like a shaman’s drumbeat this scientific, laboratory tested, recording is a metronome for the Soul that allows you to lock-on to the life-promoting information that permeates the Void, the not so empty space around and within us. Called by many “the most powerful brain wave entrainment tool on the planet,” Vantage Quest is an exceptionally easy to use and potent means to enhance your intuitive - creative ability, complement your healing and growth processes or, find the deep relaxation you’ve been needing.

So are you ready to co-create a whole new you? Take an adventure you can sync your mind into.

Used by thousands of people around the globe, Vantage Quest VI, the first CD in the series, is available now. The remaining Harmonic Matrices® will be released soon.


Let me repeat: Observe a particle as a wave, and it is a wave. Observe it as matter, and it is matter.… Thus, it is our point of view, the way we look at reality that makes reality the way it is.
Nada Brahma: The World is Sound
—Joachim-Ernst Berendt

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